Peace, PLEASE…


Today, I just wanted to bring some light on some uprising conflicts that have been happening in our world.

ISIS is a terrorist group. They bring fear, no hope, and violence to our doors. In early 2017, there have been countless attacks in Europe which have shed misery to all of us. London, Paris, Germany, and so many more places have been innocently abused by this extremist group. Their motives are not understandable and it really makes me heartbroken to see families grieve over their loved ones.

I cannot even begin to explain how devastating it is to see our world crumble down by a terrorist group trying to bring their thoughts and views to us through violence. It makes me realize how harsh people are and how inhumane one can become.

After reading this article about government sites getting hacked, I was terrified about the endless possibilities they could have stored for us. With Trump’s reckless behaviors, America’s soil is being stained and it leaves me feeling like a nervous wreck. Who knows what they might do next.

ISIS has caused so much damage recently which makes me genuinely scared. I really hope this doesn’t roll up into a snowball situation, or else, there will really be no hope. I don’t think blood and death are the right solutions and I HOPE they realize how much wrong they’re doing to all of the world.

I know it’s so much to ask for, but please, please, can we please bring peace to this chaotic world?


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