One perfect baby? Coming right up!


Can you imagine a world where parents could work with scientists to design their own baby enhanced with the best qualities that they admire? Or perhaps being able to manipulate your genome to make you smarter, more beautiful, or even stronger than your current ability? Well, even though it may seem impossible right now, in the next step of our technological era this may soon be the trend that everyone follows.

It’s safe to say that modern-day technology has already “programmed” us to be better than our first appearance when we were born. Whether we have received a vaccine, gotten plastic surgery, or completed any other form of personal improvement with doctors, we have already been seeking out this project of re-editing ourselves to be “better” unconditionally. So, if we have already been practicing this idea of “enhancing ourselves” for so many years, why is this such a big issue today? Well, from my perspective, I believe what throws people off when it comes to human genetic engineering is how dangerous and scary it can be in effect to our society. By allowing citizens to change themselves so easily, it can lead to some concerns for those who find the natural ability of one’s hard work to be of such high value. While vaccines and plastic surgery are only methods that have helped us gain immunity or beauty, genetic engineering can completely switch up an individual’s gene code to be an entirely different person. While one may spend hours, days, and years trying to be smart, a genetically modified person can instantly gain academic achievement with a few hours under the knife and in the lab. Because of this possibility, I am not so fond of genetic engineering for humans.

From articles I have read, many argue that genetically modifying humans can actually bring about a positive impact because it would decrease the number of deaths due to sickness or incurable diseases. Although I completely agree with this statement and would like to see doctors work to cure those who are hanging by a strand, I think that that should be the limit of how severe genetic engineering can be in effect. This shouldn’t be an excuse to welcome the idea of allowing people to re-modify themselves because they want to. This should only be done if it’s purely necessary.

I tend to think about this topic all the time because it has been mentioned quite a bit in the media, yet I always fall into the same conclusion of how negatively this practice could affect so many people’s lives. Not only will the patient be affected somewhat negatively, but also our entire society will probably be brainwashed and lose the importance of hard work and effort if such a practice was supported.

Knowing that there are always two sides to an argument, I’m curious how you, reader, feel about designer babies/humans being the norm in society. Would you like our future to change in this direction?

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