The integration of AI tech into home security


As our digital era advances, AI (artificial intelligence) technology will most likely be integrated into many new business models thus reshaping our society to be more reliant on robots and “smart” devices. These days, the talk of AI has been the rage in the tech world with so many businesses looking for ways they can implement this idea into their interfaces. With all the positive feedback and eagerness that has been shown from both businesses and the customers, AI has truly become the next big thing that is waiting to be the core of many products in the future. While many companies have been creating plans for how they can construct their products to work in unison with AI, many security companies have already been in the works of releasing AI linked products for quite some time. By investing in systems such as facial recognition, geo-fencing, and AI-enabled cameras, it enhances the current security plan by making it a lot harder for intruders to sneak into a property without being caught. Because AI has recognition abilities and common sense, it takes the tech of current security camera models to the next level. With AI technology being integrated, it allows their gadgets to become smarter and more active in terms of remembering who is who and sending signals if something seems oddly unfamiliar. This AI addition will definitely help current home-security brands to upgrade from a mediocre camera system to a more personal home network in an instant.


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