Am I Really Anonymous?


In a world where the internet connects pretty much everyone, being “anonymous” is a typical desire most online users emphasize. Whether it’s credit card information, mortgage records, or even individual income, people often seek privacy in such circumstances because a lot of their personal information is at stake. With privacy at such a high value, many businesses look to make sure this preference is met by advertising their products with a form that ends with a “reassuring” statement: “Your trust is in our hands, Everything here will be kept confidential”. This line, however, is an utter lie.

No matter how much we attempt to guard up our personal data, the internet serves as a loophole from such gating that makes any form or signing useless. Even though businesses claim confidentiality is considered, they know themselves that such promises cannot be kept because it’s just not possible in our connected world.

In fact, everything we search, type, or see on the internet is always tracked and stored in a data place that can always be exposed in the wrong hands. Although it may seem impossible to you, for hackers, getting your personal information is just a simple puzzle game that can be solved in a few seconds.

So can we really be anonymous? Well, no not really. Businesses claim that you can, but in reality, we can’t.

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