COVID-19 is not over, Be careful


Just last week, the CDC, specific to the Santa Clara County, announced a set of provisions less stringent than any prior mandate. Re-opening of businesses, access to in-store retail, and even outdoor dining have sparked an upsurge of excitement and activity in my community. While the CDC has officially declared such changes, this does not mean that we are returning to our “normal” life. In fact, we need to be more careful than ever right now if we don’t want to be stuck in quarantine again for another few months.

I’ve written this short post to remind my community and all those communities in the US who have been lifted from the extreme shelter in place orders that being careful is not an option; it’s a tendency we really have to consider.

As we walk around our cities, exploring the places that once were so lively, let’s be cautious of our actions, behaviors, and surroundings when interacting with one another. Wear face masks, cough in your arm, and if you’re sick please stay at home. That is how you will keep our community safe and well during this unpredictable pandemic.

Many are suspecting a second wave of the coronavirus to hit the US and the world as well. Let’s hinder such chances by simply being careful. It’s really not that hard.

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