Corona, Chaos, Crooks


Crooks, Scammers, Conmen.

Wow. Amidst all the chaos of the coronavirus, such insensible individuals still remain active in our society.

Taking advantage of our vulnerability, playing with the emotions and mental instability that we are struggling with, such actions are unacceptable and further perpetuate distrust and a lack of integrity. Not being genuine causes skepticism, doubt, and an unexplainable sensation of fear. And more than any other time, such emotions should not be on the rise… In fact, we should be more caring, more considerate, more hospitable than ever before.

Paranoia crushes society.

We all know this.

It’s in our history as a country.

We can do better.

Buying testing kits to ensure public safety, only to be later notified that our information was leaked and used in appropriate ways, is an upsetting phenomenon to hear about. Why is it that the innocent always have to be punished for the misconstrued actions and intentions of those who are irresponsible or immature? When has money ever become a number one priority over healthcare? (I know, capitalism has shaped this mindset in our modern society for years now, but shouldn’t we change this or at least attempt to?)

The coronavirus isn’t an opportunity for crooks to play around with the public’s psyche. The coronavirus is an opportunity for us as a community to grow a sense of kinship and respect for one another. It’s a moment in which fraud, theft, or any form of illegal activity should be disregarded in an attempt to overcome the virus together effectively.

To ensure maximum safety, the FBI has recommended all individuals interested in legit testing to consult this list. It mentions a string of tests and testing companies that have been approved by the FBI themselves.

Here is the link:

Additionally, the FBI encourages all individuals prior to at-home testing to check with their primary physicians to ensure the process is safe and recommendable over other testing options provided at local hospitals.

In other words, be cautious and patient with the process. Getting scammed is not pretty…

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