ABC. CBA. COVID-19, Blood-Clots, Attention.


“A study, published in the journal JAMA, of 3,334 patients in four hospitals in a large New York City health system found that clotting issues — including blockages in a vein or artery, strokes and heart attacks — were reported in 16 percent of the patients’ records.” (New York Times)

“The authors speculated that the blood clots in COVID-19 patients may be caused by a range of factors, including surges of inflammation, lack of oxygen, malfunction in the cells that line the blood vessels, or increased activity of platelets.” (New York Times)

From first listen, I wasn’t too shocked about hearing such “relative” results between COVID-19 and blood clotting. When people are ill, whether it’s from the coronavirus or the simple flu, people become vulnerable, bodily systems sometimes shut down, and even simple motions can become difficult to proceed with when strapped by a health problem. Of course, I’m not saying that anyone who is sick will automatically suffer from more extreme diseases, but I’m clearing the air on what shouldn’t be taken as a surprise: getting sicker once sick. And this is exactly why the coronavirus, for instance, shouldn’t be taken so lightheartedly as a minor inconvenience. It’s not a joke, a myth, or a slight worry that can be brushed off when its presence is confirmed.

People need to realize that testing positive for COVID-19 means that such instances of blood clotting or any other serious health restraint can creep in as a result of one’s weak, sensitive state. It’s almost like a domino effect. Once infected by the virus, blood clotting may occur, and for many who suffer from such blockage problems already, this prospect is highly likely, almost guaranteed.

Thus, as individuals, we need to be wary of the coronavirus, keeping in mind that the consequences of testing positive for COVID-19 could lead to greater, more serious health concerns during the recovery process.

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