VR: an important tool for construction


Lately, I have been talking a lot about VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) in my blogs. Ever since I learned about them, they have been catching my attention all the time. What I really like about VR and AR is that its influencing others to step outside of the box and drives them to be more creative. It really makes me excited to see what we can create next. Since VR and AR have been showing great reviews in the business, it has come to my mind that many companies are probably incorporating the idea of VR and AR into their technology now. Besides using the technology for gaming, some have been inspired to use the technology in other ways.

Nvidia, a chip producing company, has set off with VR to create a brand new building for their headquarters. They have taken architect design and creative 3D layout to the next level trying to produce a stunning “corporate home” for their business. They have partnered up with an architect named Hao Ko to help them create the design of the building. It seems like they are targeting a modern and interactive image as their design concept.

They used VR headsets to help them with the construction of the building and it seems like its being proven as effective. Because of the VR technology, architects were able to visualize the building design better and could easily pinpoint design faults that they needed to change. I think with the help of this construction project, we can conclude that VR technology can definitely be used in other tasks as well.

Nvidia has announced that they are set to open in the latter part of next year, and I can’t wait to see the structure of the headquarters once it’s done. From this, I have learned that like drones, VR and AR have a really bright future ahead of themselves in the technology industry. This is a huge moment for us, and this is also the time for users to realize that this is an opportunity for us to create something even greater next.

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