Mc. Donald’s change in their marketing strategy


When I was a kid, I loved going to Mc. Donald’s for many reasons. The first reason I loved Mc. Donald’s was because of their Mc nuggets which were my all-time favorite. They were thought to be the most delicious and tastiest chicken nuggets ever, until a few years ago when I learned about all the add-ons that are put in to compress the perfect “golden” nugget. Another main reason I loved going there, was simply because of how fun and upbeat the restaurant was set up as. There were slides and fun colors scattered all around the store, so no kid would not want to come to Mc. Donald’s. However, all that interest went away, as I entered junior high. Although these reasons were defeated easily due to my maturity, I freaking loved the toys that they gave out when I was in my childhood years. Whenever I entered the store, I would always be eager to see what new toys they were giving out or what toys I could collect. I was obsessed. But, due to my addiction to the alluring toys, I was blinded by the fact that I was consuming lots of unhealthy foods. So in a sense, I was basically giving up my health, for my satisfaction, which was not a good idea.

Recently, it has been stated that Mc. Donald has taken a step back and reconsidered their marketing plans when getting their customers to come to their store. Instead of making the kids come for the toys, they have decided that it would be better for the parents to come willingly without feeling pushed around by their child anymore. To initiate this plan, they have come up with an idea to give out not toys, but health gadgets that can help kids to become more aware of what they need to be eating and what they should do to help improve their health.

An example of this was their latest activity trackers called “step-it trackers” which apparently help kids to get themselves more active and fit. Through this promotional campaign, it can really help kids to get their blood flowing and sweat dripping.

The main focus of this temporary project by Mc Donald’s is to let food critics stop their bad remarks that are influencing fast-food chains negatively. It seems like they want to create a new image for themselves so that they won’t be looked down upon as much as they are right now.

Not only are fast-food chains making a change in how they work, but many other businesses are taking an action as well due to the positive results some companies are receiving through this campaign.

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