Blinded by the iPhone


The iPhone is probably by far the best and most popular smartphone in the world. Known for its simplicity, functionality, and creativity, the iPhone is always a killer seller every time a new release is announced. Everyone seems to love the iPhone so much to the point where they don’t realize the setbacks the iPhone brings to our daily life.

I have mentioned this before, but technology has really been bringing our lives to a new dimension. It’s driving us to be more connected through the internet which in a way is bringing negative feedback. Not only are we going to be losing our relationships, but we’re also not going to be able to build any new relationships anymore.

I have to agree with this article 100%, because from what I’ve observed the facts make sense. I’m also guilty of going through social media, texting, and just being on my phone when I could be hanging out with friends. I have a lot of friends who tend to face calls or Skype when they live only a couple blocks away from each other. Either they’re too lazy to leave or they just can’t go out.

Every night, my family is split up between different rooms on our phones watching something, working, or even chatting. We are losing the idea of family time and that is something I really want to bring back to life. In a sense, we are completely ignoring the world around us.

I don’t want people to think that I am saying iPhone’ s are bad, but I’m trying to point out how blinded we are when we use them. Smartphones do bring benefits, but honestly, the cons overcome the pros. We seem to be lacking individually, losing time and our passion for going outside and exploring.

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