Is it a threat?


By 2021, lots of things are going to change and one of them is employment rates. I have read tons and tons and tons of articles expressing ideas related to the decline in job opportunities, and I have finally concluded that the most damaging cause is automation. With an inflation of automation, we will definitely find our lives become easier and harder. Easier being a lot more efficient and accurate, but harder meaning fewer choices for job selections.

We’ve already seen many jobs shut down because automation has taken a stand in the way. For example, cashiers will be facing a huge crisis as self-checkout and robotic machines take care of scanning and the ideal customer service. We’ve also seen taxis falling and I have even heard about self-operating planes being designed.

What’s even more frustrating is jobs that involve high payment, are going to also be replaced by automation shortly. In this article, they mention how doctors specifically radiologists may experience some competition with these machines who in a way are “helping”, but honestly that term will soon change.

We all know doctors as respectable workers who use their time to help people, but I fear that once automation is in the zone that whole idea will be buried.

This whole riot about automation has made me think carefully about what is limited and what is not. I definitely think that automation is a threat to us, just covered with an innocent metal face. The whole playing board is going to change if this really keeps up. I wonder how much is going to change by the time I have to apply for jobs, and what impacts they will have for the growing number of youth employees.

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